Kieran was one hell of a baby.  I'm a glutton for punishment, so I was game for another.  Ashar took a little bit more convincing.  It took awhile to conceive Kieran, so I told him that it probably wouldn't happen for like a year, and then we had 9 more months after that before the baby arrived.  He totally bought it. 

It took just one month.  I remember feeling panicked when I found out because I honestly didn't expect it to happen for at least a few months.  I called Ashar at work to break the news because I thought it best not to tell him face to face.  Since he was the one on the fence the whole time, I was scared for his reaction.  He ended up being really excited!  I was in tears on the phone and squeaked out, "You're not mad??" to which he responded, "Well, is it my baby?"

Early tests revealed I had low progesterone (checked due to my previous history) but other than that, I had what I felt was a pretty normal pregnancy.  I was convinced I was having a girl and I was thrilled (I was scared to death of the prospect of having a boy.)  I had never had a maternal instinct in my other pregnancies that indicated the gender of my baby, but it was giving me strong girl vibes this time around.  Every time we heard the baby's heartbeat, it was fast which you know means a girl!

Every time I went to an OB appointment, I referred to my baby as a girl.  Even at my 20 week ultrasound, I kept making references to our three perfect girls.  The tech asked, "Have you had an ultrasound before that makes you think you're having a girl?"  I was confused.  "No, why?"  Then terror washed over me: "Does my daughter have a penis??!!!" "Yes!  Yes, she does!" the tech exclaimed.  Oh, shit. 

I laid there, partially in shock, throughout the rest of the ultrasound.  I didn't notice it was taking longer than usual.  When the doctor came in to finish the appointment, she read the results of the ultrasound which showed our baby had abnormalities associated mostly with Down's Syndrome.  Speaking of abnormalities; no one else seemed concerned that my daughter had a penis!  Come on, people!

There was nothing to do at this point except wait.  We had a level 2 ultrasound scheduled with a specialist from Little Rock a month later.  This doctor traveled up to NWA quite a bit for these kinds of things so it was convenient for us.  However, about a week before my appointment, the doctor was reviewing my chart and felt it necessary that I travel to him...the very next day. 

When we arrived we had to go through counseling.  The counselor said things such as due to my being 24 weeks pregnant, abortion was illegal, etc.  So weird!  While I was definitely worried for my baby and my family, and while I am pro-choice, it never occurred to me not to have a baby. 

It doesn't matter now because the ultrasound showed that the echogenic bowel that we had previously seen was mostly gone.  It still showed some heart issues but a fetal echocardiogram was normal.  And my daughter still had a penis.  It was in 3D, too. 

Aydin was born on his exact due date (I curse Dr. Gorman who, at my 36 week prenatal visit when I was a couple of centimeters dilated, insisted that I would not make it a full 40 weeks) on February 26, 2005.  I labored at home for most of the day and arrived at the hospital shortly after 3pm.  He was on his way out a place I suspect he will spend most of his life trying to get back in when the doctor ran in, held her hands out for a few seconds, and caught him at 3:53pm.  And it only cost me $6,000!  What a bunch of shit, I practically did that myself.  

Aydin was born with a heart murmur which he eventually outgrew, but other than that (and a penis) he was completely perfect.  When he was a year old, we noticed a bump growing above his eye over the next few months, it kept growing.  He had to have surgery to remove it (it was a dermoid cyst, which he was born with but didn't make itself known immediately) when he was 20 months old.

Sometimes I still can't believe I have a boy!  It's only slightly scary and so much freaking fun.  I know all parents think their kid is really smart, but Aydin is truly special.  Funny because until he started kindergarten, we thought he was kind of dumb.  We were the dumb ones; he is brilliant.