August 18, 2013


The girls and I were supposed to go to Norman this week to celebrate Lena and her (2nd set of) twins at her baby shower.  My dad brought Alisa's birthday present over (more on this later!) on Friday, so he was at my house when my sister called me and said, "I'm driving myself to the hospital because I think my water broke."  What?!?!!!  She was barely past 31 weeks pregnant so it wasn't the best news we could have received.  She was going to let us know what happened at the hospital; meanwhile I started flinging a few personals into a bag and told my dad we had to leave NOW!  It was about 8:30pm when she gave me the initial the time she saw a doctor and confirmed what we all knew, my dad and I were nearly crossing into Oklahoma. 

We arrived shortly after midnight, but Sam & Ben had already beat us there!  They were born at 11:09 & 11:11 on Friday night, both clocking in at just over 4 lbs each.  They are both breathing on their own but will spend several weeks in the NICU. 

Lena & Trey will have a lot on their plates over the next several weeks, managing 3 year olds Layla & Jenna at home and visiting Sam & Ben at the hospital as much as possible.  I hated to leave them but I had to get back home to my own babies, who are starting at a new school in the morning!
pic taken by proud papa, Trey
Baby shower cake, no baby shower!

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