August 27, 2013

Fall Sports for the Zaman's

I triple booked myself tonight.  It's the first week of new fall classes at work and we are expected to be slammed all week long, so I offered to work.  Then, I received an email from Asher's baseball coach on Sunday that their first practice would be Tuesday at 5:30.  I begged a good friend and fellow dance mom to take Kieran to tap class (scheduled every Tuesday at 5:30) and then drop her off at Aspire afterwards for her acro class at 6:30 and left baseball up to Ashar, since I would be at work.  Then last night, Aydin's football coach called and scheduled their first practice for...yes, you guessed it...Tuesday at 5:30.  I ended up taking off from work so that I could take Asher to baseball and Ashar took Aydin to football. 

Our crazy fall schedule has officially begun!  We are so glad our kids have the opportunity to pursue the things they love! 

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