August 21, 2013

Sweet, Sweet 16

Do you hear me, people?!!  Alisa is 16 years old!!  Well forget about her...I can't believe I'm that old. 

We celebrated most of Alisa's birthday earlier this month.  Lena had a baby shower planned for the weekend of August 17th that just the girls and I planned to go to, but I lied (gasp!) to my lovely children and told them due to scheduling conflicts, it had to be moved up to the weekend prior.   Truth was, I discovered from Facebook that many of my friends had plans to see Bruno Mars in St. Louis and Kansas City on Thursday and Friday nights.  Ashar was out of town so I couldn't go with them, but when I looked up tour dates, I found out Bruno would be in OKC on Saturday night!  Perfect!

Well, not that perfect...Ashar wasn't due to fly in until Saturday morning.  Thankfully, the concert wasn't going to start until 8pm and it's less than a 4 hour drive, so....

My friend, Lori, gave me the great idea to write Alisa a letter explaining our plans using Bruno Mars song lyrics.

Lena gave me the idea to make dinner reservations at The Melting Pot in OKC, so I told the girls the baby shower would be held at the restaurant at 5pm.  I wanted to leave home at 10am, but would absolutely have to leave by noon.  I felt good about that two hour window, until....

Ashar was, yet again, delayed.  At first it wasn't a big deal because he still should make it home by noon.  Then, delayed some more.  Now he wouldn't be home until 4, an hour before "Lena's baby shower" at The Melting Pot.

I called on a good friend, Alicia, to help out.  She let my boys hang out with her boys that day until Ashar made it home, so the girls and I still got to leave by noon.

Once in downtown OKC, I scoped out the arena where Bruno would be later versus the location of the restaurant.  Remember, at this point, the concert was still a surprise for both girls.  We were driving around when Kieran suddenly exclaimed, "It's Bruno Mars's car!!!!"  We looked around and saw a "jungle" truck selling Bruno merchandise.
Seriously, did she think I'd let her dress like this for a baby shower?

Then Alisa noticed people walking around wearing Bruno shirts.  She said, "I bet there's a Bruno concert here!"  I acted shocked and excited and told her she needed to find out NOW!  She pulled out her phone and thus began the googling, and the realization that Bruno Mars was indeed in town!  I kept up the playful act.  I told the girls it was my mission to find him!  I decided it would be best to park at the arena and walk to the restaurant.  As I pulled in the parking garage to pay the attendant, he asked us if we were going to the concert.  I answered with an, "Uh...yes."  The girls began giggling.  They thought I was going to sneak in!  We parked and freshened up the best we could in the car, then I told the girls as exciting as it was to be just a few feet from Bruno, we had to go to Lena's party.

We walked to the restaurant where Lena, Trey, Layla, and Jenna met us at the door, then we were seated at a table decorated with balloons and a birthday card.  Alisa realized we were really there for her!  Layla & Jenna helped her open gifts, then I gave her the "Bruno" letter along with the tickets in an envelope.

The concert itself was a huge blast.  Ellie Goulding opening for Bruno and Bruno was perfection!

Random, but I celebrated my 20th birthday here while I was pregnant with Alisa
After the concert, we went down to Norman and crashed at Lena's place.  We headed home Sunday with plans to return the following weekend for the real baby shower (which never happened.)

The following Friday, my dad brought Alisa a birthday present...Pumpkin!

First time driving!
Today, her actual birthday, we didn't have much planned.  Joe, our trainer, made up a special birthday workout for her (a tradition we all will happily forgo in the future!) and Litterelly Delicious Cakery delivered a princess cake to our doorstep!

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