August 3, 2013

Color Vibe 5K

Alisa and I got to participate in the Color Run 5K back in April, but the Color Vibe came to Fayetteville and and a bunch of Swifters signed up to support Joe.  We took the kids for some fun!  The weather wasn't cooperating, but we're a tough bunch.  We loaded up and met our friends at Macadoodles (since according to Norma, everyone knows where Macadoodles is.)  We got rained on but luckily we weren't struck by lightning.  Everyone's fear in August is dying of heat stroke, but we were actually cold!
Pre-race, all pretty and clean

Ashar & our awesome trainer, Joe

I love this pic because he hates getting dirty!

So much fun with our Swift Fit friends!
Sorry I missed out, Laurie & Leslee!
My favorite thing about the Color Vibe--they donated money to the Seven Hills Homeless Center in Fayetteville.  We'll definitely choose this race over the Color Run in the future!

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