June 5, 2013

Oops, She Did it Again

Alisa decided to try out for the BHS XC team again.  This is a pretty big deal since she's been homeschooled for the past year (and will be this upcoming year), but a new law allows her to participate in public school sports.  She went to her first practice this morning and ran the trails at Crystal Bridges.  She kept up pretty well, considering she hadn't really run in several months.  She told me she fell on rocks once, but got up and finished her 3 mile run.  Once home, she took a shower and iced her ankle where she fell.  I was sitting on the couch next to her when I got a look at the egg-sized bump.  I immediately said, "Alisa, you broke your ankle."  Immediately, she burst into tears.  I knew what was on her mind...dance recital in 4 days!  We headed to Wellquest Medical Center for an x-ray and unfortunately, I was right.  An orthopaedist visit is on the schedule for next week!  (Yes, I still had Dr. Griffey on speed dial.)

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