March 8, 2013

Warning: Smart Kid Brag Ahead

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is one large pissing contest.  Who has the nicest house and cars, who goes on the best vacations, whose kids are the cutest/funniest/smartest...(not to mention all the gym and restaurant and grocery store check ins, of which I am also guilty of, but I digress.)  So here is your official warning: this is my blog and damnit I'm going to brag about my super smart kids.  Turn away now if you don't care. 

I had parent/teacher conferences at school this week for Kieran & Aydin.  Kieran, 4th grade, scored on a 6th grade level for reading and math.  Her teacher says, "Kieran is one of the hardest workers.  She is always willing to help out.  I love how I can trust her to do anything!" Aydin, 2nd grade, scored in the mid-4th grade range for reading and math.  His teacher predicts he will master multiplication and division by the end of the school year.  :)

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