March 10, 2013

Rainbow Dance Competition

Kieran had a great morning at the Rainbow Dance competition this morning!  (You can see her overall result at this link.)  It was local and my dad even got to see her perform since he was visiting. 

She scored 1st in category for 10 year olds in hip hop with a double platinum, the highest award possible.  Her jazz solo--just her second time to perform it--also earned 1st in category with a platinum.  Most dance competitions that I am aware of/we have attended only award one of a dancer's solos in the overalls, should it qualify.  I'm not sure if Rainbow is the same or if her jazz solo just didn't qualify, but she placed 5th overall (out of 34) in the 9-11 year old intermediate division with her hip hop solo.

I just love everything about this girl (and yes, the rest of my kids.)  She always has the same, great attitude, whether she places or not.  I hope she always remembers the reason she does this is because she loves it, not for affirmation from strangers.

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