August 1, 2012

Deep breath, here we go

Today was the first day of school for Elm Tree Elementary.  This year, I have 3 kids there...including my baby!  I can hardly believe this day has arrived.  I remember being super emotional (hey, I was also 6ish months pregnant) the first time I did this 10 years ago with Alisa.  I didn't have those same sad feelings when Kieran & Aydin started school and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about Asher starting kindergarten.

He'd been excited for several weeks and counted down the number of sleeps until the start of school.  We learned that he got Ms. Chambliss as a teacher (from here on out she will be referred to as Ms. Cham-bo-liss because that's how Asher says it and it's too cute) and her classroom is the same classroom that Alisa was in when she was in kindergarten.

He really was happy to go which made things a lot easier for me.  Alisa wasn't handling it well and after I had run a few PTO errands around the school, someone came out of Ms. Cham-bo-liss's class and told me my son was crying.  Alisa immediately pointed in the direction of his class and yelled, "Go get him now!"  I thought she was going to cry at the thought of her baby brother crying.  I did not oblige her demand and indeed left him there for the next 7 hours.  Ms. Cham-bo-liss ended up calling me at the end of the school day to tell me that Asher had had a little bit of a rough day, but she felt confident that he would be great in her class.

Kieran got Ms. Neisler for 4th grade.  I don't know her at all but I do know all of the teachers are fantastic and Kieran is the type of kid that adjusts well to nearly any situation.

Aydin got Ms. Smith for 2nd grade, and she is the same teacher that both Alisa AND Kieran had for 2nd grade.  Aydin's got big shoes to fill, but if anyone can do it, it's him.
Our annual take-a-first-day-of-school-pic-in-front-of-the-crepe-myrtle
Taken at Elm Tree Elementary
Ms. Smith~the official 2nd grade teacher of the Zaman family

She really didn't want to let go!

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