April 15, 2012

Dinosaur Expo

For days, I heard an advertisement on the radio for a Discover the Dinosaurs expo in Fort Smith, Ar.  Asher heard it and kept mentioning that he wanted to go.  Since the girls and I had spent a great weekend in Wichita together a couple of weeks ago, I decided to surprise the boys with a quick trip to see the dinosaurs.

Even though he loves dinosaurs, Asher was a little scared because he knew there would be loud noises.  While they did have a few still dinosaurs, most of them were animatronic replicas that moved, made noise, and were enhanced by light and fog as well.

Once we were there, he quickly relaxed and we spent the next few hours exploring the prehistoric era.
Peering down the throat of a giganotosaurus
I <3 this!!!
Bad weather was expected all the way down from Bentonville to Fort Smith, so I was anxious to get home.  We stopped at IHOP for a quick meal to end our great day.

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