March 14, 2012

Peking Acrobats

The girls and I got to see The Peking Acrobats at the Walton Arts Center.  Those people are cah-RAZY! They had us on the edge of our seats and holding our breath throughout most of the performance.  For me, the best/worst part was when they brought out a simple 4-legged table on stage.  On each corner of the table, they placed bottles, similar to beer bottles but fatter around the middle (I guess more like short, champagne bottles) and then a chair on top of the bottles; one leg of the chair resting on each of the bottles.  Then this insane man kept stacking chair upon chair upon chair on top of each other, climbing high and higher until he was towering above us.  Every time a new chair was brought out, I felt sicker and sicker!  In my head I was begging him to stop! 

Other than the near heart attacks, the girls and I had a fabulous night out together.

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