January 29, 2012

Wow, wow, wow!

Well, I survived Kieran's first dance competition!  She participated in Masquerade Dance yesterday right here in Bentonville.

Kieran's choreographer & hip hop group instructor, Amy Eichler, had us meet her at 8:30 for Kieran's solo performance.  We got set up in the dressing room, put on makeup, and Amy teased her hair. 

After getting dressed, Kieran practiced her moves out in the hallway and got last minute tips from Amy.

At this point, I left Kieran & Amy and went to find a seat in the auditorium.  Ashar was bringing the rest of the kids to watch, too.  She was scheduled to go on at 10:03.  Ashar and the kids walk in about 9:40 and suddenly we heard the title of her song announced and saw Kieran walking out on stage!  So glad they made it!

I was so nervous!  Maybe Kieran was, too, but it didn't show.  She did very well.  Hip hop doesn't typically win competitions but we were still hoping for a good rating. 

Every act gets a rating from Platinum (a perfect performance) to Bronze.  Kieran won a High Gold (Amy says that's an A!)  After everyone gets their ranking, the top 3 get overall awards.  At this point I was barely keeping up...until I heard Kieran's name called for the 1st place overall performance!  Whaaat??!!!  I was ecstatic, so was Amy!

After that session, both of Kieran's group dances (hip hop & jazz) were in the next session, so we had to stick around.  Both group dances earned a high gold.  The hip hop number didn't place overall and the jazz dance earned 3rd place overall.
Getting ready for hip hop
Jazz girls
Kieran, Ava, Emmeline, Sophie, Mia
(missing Erin)

We weren't allowed to take any photos or videos of the performances, but we could buy a copy of photos and a DVD.  The following were taken by the Masquerade people.  I tried hard to narrow it down the best I could, but still came out with 9 absolute favorites; to see all, check out my Facebook album.

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