September 19, 2011

Ms. Bever's Rise & Shine

Most every Monday morning at Elm Tree Elementary, you will find the students in the cafetorium for a school assembly.  A different classroom or group is featured every week.  Today, Kieran's 3rd grade class hosted the event.  Their theme was about reading and the kids dressed up as a book character.  Kieran picked Judy Moody, who is described as having frizzy hair and wears a shirt that she wrote, "I ate a shark," on with a black marker.
Thanks to my friend, Amy Fielder, who let us borrow her hair crimper
from the 80s to achieve Kieran's frizzy hair look
Fancy Nancy (I mean Lily) & Judy Moody
I was so impressed with the way the kids dressed up.  They really went all out!

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