August 28, 2011

Party Time!

We had Alisa's 14th birthday party yesterday.  She invited a few friends to go rock climbing at Lewis & Clark, then out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Shogun, and back to our house for a sleepover. 
Alisa climbing the "difficult" wall

Waiting at Shogun

Emma, Twin 1, Claire, Christina, Alisa, Baylea, Morgan, Twin 2

Look!  I'm a walrus!

Rush Running gift certificate from her running buddy!

Morgan  made Alisa a book on the history of their friendship--SO SWEET!

Pretty girl

Baylea made Alisa a pillow

Big ass card from Emma

Birthday cake #2--how do you screw up "I'd like a giraffe print cake with red writing?" Ugh, that's a different post!

I seriously got scared when I saw them playing with their food

You can take the girl out of the gym, but you can't take the gym out of the girl!

My dear friend, Brenda, surprised Alisa by having Cake Pops delivered to her party

The next morning, I found teenagers sprawled all over the house.
I think this is Morgan & Alisa
(Alisa says I got this right)

Baylea & a Twin?  ...or maybe Emma
(Correction from Alisa: Claire & Emma)

(Yes, I'm right again!)

Claire & another Twin
(Correction from Alisa: Twin 1 & Twin 2)
Alisa seriously has some amazing friends.  They know her so well, which is not an easy feat!  Alisa had a great time celebrating with everyone!

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