August 23, 2011

Last First Day of Preschool

It is so hard to believe that I sent my baby off to preschool today!  I will never cross this milestone again.  Don't mistake my tone; I am not sad at all about it.  I am excited to see my kids growing up and our family dynamics changing with no babies in the house. 

Asher is usually a very quiet and shy boy.  It's not that he doesn't like being away from mama, it's more that he just doesn't like other people.  Our good friend and neighbor, Jerushia, is really the only person outside of our family that Asher will open up to.  So imagine my surprise when Asher woke up excited about school!
He even smiled for the camera!
Last week we were pleased to learn that his teacher this year is Ms. Ashley.  She was Kieran's preschool teacher 4 years ago as well and she is a doll.  We went to class and I tried to take a picture of him in his new classroom but he quickly lost interest in me (ME, who had been the sun in his universe for nearly 5 years!)
Don't bother me, Mom; I'm looking for something
Yes, that's it!
So far we seem to be off to a great start!  He came home talking about his new friends and is excited to go back on Thursday.

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