August 11, 2011

High School!

I'm a first time high school mom!  Alisa started her first day at Bentonville High School today. 

It was a day only for freshman and their I got to go, too!  First, we picked up her student ID and schedule.
That's her 8th grade school pic they used
Then, we spent 37 minutes just looking for her locker.  She was dismayed to discover she had a bottom locker.

The school is gigantic.  The campus map takes up four pages.  It's the largest high school in all of Arkansas, which I know is not saying a lot because the state of Arkansas is not that big, but we live in a small town to begin with. 

We traveled to all her classes.  I really liked all her teachers.  Most of them are really young.  Her ceramics teacher--a man in his 40s--commented that he couldn't believe there were high school parents younger than him; well, I couldn't believe my daughter has teachers younger than me!  (Most were in their 20s.) 
Alisa is concentrating hard in English class.  Or trying hard not to fall asleep.  Hard to tell.

I feel so good about her being at BHS.  I really felt like I was in the loop there, much different that our experience at junior high.  She's got a good schedule and great will add up to a successful year!

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