June 14, 2011

Kindergarten Celebration

Tonight, Elm Tree Elementary celebrated its graduating kindergarteners with a ceremony at the Arend Arts Center at the high school.  Aydin has been obsessed with ties lately was dying to wear one...and here's his chance!

Here he is pictured with a few friends:
Cory & Aydin
Clay & Aydin
McKenna & Aydin--he loves this girl!
Two girlfriends he kept flip flopping between this year...Rachel, Aydin, & Aubrynn
Brigham & Aydin--this boy is Aydin's biggest competition for girls
Kara & Aydin
Aydin & Rylan

Everyone was seated inside, waiting for the guests of honor to make their way to the stage.  Aydin didn't know where we were sitting but we called his name out when we saw him.

Once they were on stage, all 6 kindergarten classes sang a few songs together.
Brigham, Zaid, Aydin, & Aubrynn singing their hearts out
Then Aydin was honored to be the recipient of the Good Citizenship award.  Only 1 boy and 1 girl from each class received it.  I have to admit, I teared up at this part.
Aubrynn & Aydin--Mrs. Ruffner's Good Citizens
But that's not all!  Not only did he receive the Good Citizenship award, he won an award for having the 2nd highest reading score in his class.  (He was 3rd highest out of all the kindergarten classes.)
Principal, Mrs. Sharp, presenting Aydin with a 2nd place reading medal
Each student was introduced to the audience.  Aydin looked so grown up when they called his name out!
The 2010-2011 Elm Tree Elementary Kindergarten Class
I don't know that Aydin would have had such an amazing year without his amazing teacher, Katie Ruffner.
Mrs. Ruffner & Aydin

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