June 19, 2011

Allergy Testing

A couple of months ago, Kieran had an allergic reaction to something.  She broke out in a flat, red rash all over her body.  I didn't notice anything abnormal at first, except that her cheeks were really red, but I brushed it off because she had been playing soccer that morning so I thought she was just flushed from running in the heat. 

Later that day, I noticed her face was still red, which if it were from running outside like I thought, should have cleared up by then.  Then she tells me that her body itched all over.  Upon closer inspection, the redness was actually tiny bumps from a rash, but it wasn't raised.  I gave her some Benadryl.  Several hours before bed, she said she wasn't better and I noticed the rash was spreading.  I gave her another dose of Benadryl, sent her to bed, and took her to the walk-in clinic the next day. 

It was definitely an allergic reaction, but impossible to say from what.  The doctor thought her cheeks looked a bit swollen to him, so in addition to steroids, he also prescribed an Epi-pen, which we were to inject into her leg if she showed signs of struggling to breathe.  (He assured us that he was 98% sure we'd never have to use it, but he wanted to be safe.)

Kieran felt fine while on the steroid, but the day after she finished her prescription, she broke out again and this time at school.  The school nurse called me and I took her home and went straight to the doctor.  He prescribed another steroid for her and recommended she have allergy testing done.

The allergist's office called us to set up an appointment, but we weren't able to get in until June.  After finishing the second round of steroids, Kieran never broke out again, but we kept the appointment in hopes of finding out what caused it. 

It was uncomfortable but quick, and we found out Kieran is allergic to cockroaches (seriously nasty and I swear she's never seen one before), dogs, cats, a few types of mold, and several trees.  (She is not allergic to dust or grass at all.)  We do have a dog, but the doctor said they would never tell us to get rid of it; instead we are to bathe the dog at least once a week and make sure the dog doesn't sleep with Kieran. 

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