May 20, 2011


Kieran played in Bentonville's recreational soccer program last fall and this past spring and she loved it.  She learned a lot, made new friends, and had fun getting sweaty.  Her favorite position to play is goalie; she is fearless.  However, there weren't enough girls on her team to have substitute forwards, so in order to give them a break, Kieran had to step up.  She was so nervous, but soon she found her rhythm and even began scoring goals...a lot of goals (check out the short video clip at the end!)  It was incredible to watch her go back and forth between offense and defense.

Pre-game huddle

2010-2011 Crew
Kate, Peyton, Dylann, & Kieran--in this game, Kieran scored 2 goals for her team's 4-0 win

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