March 19, 2011

State Gymnastics Meet

Today was Alisa's state gymnastics meet...the meet she has been working towards for a year now.  It was in Little Rock at the UALR campus.  She worked so hard all year long, but when it comes to meets, gymnastics is 2% talent and 98% luck.  She was not so lucky today.  

She started off beautifully on bars.  She scored an 8.0 and placed 2nd in the state for her age and level.  Her second rotation was beam.  It's her weakest and least favorite event, but she stayed on the 4 inch piece of wood during the routine and placed 3rd in the state for her age and level.  
Beautiful split jump

Then came floor.  She used to hate floor.  She used to hate tumbling.  She has worked really, really hard and now she's one of the best tumblers on her team.  We are so excited at how far she's come this season, but this is where her luck ran out.  We're not exactly sure what happened.  She had performed a beautiful routine right up until her last tumbling pass.  She prepped in bottom right corner, took off running, did a round off, back handspring...and then nothing.  It looked to me as if she hurt her foot landing her back handspring.  She was supposed to throw a back tuck, but she didn't.  At practice, the coaches make the girls throw standing back tucks over and over again, for moments just like this.  If she misses a skill, then it's a 2.0 deduction.  If she does the skill without connecting, it's still a deduction, but not as severe.  Alisa was so panicked she couldn't even do a standing back tuck.  And then the music was over.  And it was quiet.  And all she could do was salute the judges, walk off the floor, and crumble into Coach Angela's arms.  I'm so glad Angela was standing right there.

I love this pic of her

She had to pull herself together and still compete vault.  She did well on it, but she was still rattled so she didn't place as high as she normally does.
Look at that concentration

Overall, she walked away with the title of #3 gymnast for her age and level in the state of Arkansas.   

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