February 26, 2011

Aydin is 6!

Every year on my kids' birthdays, I get sappy and sentimental.  I reminisce about the day of their birth and replay every moment in my head over and over.  Those days are easily the top 4 of my entire life.  Six years ago today, I was exactly 40 weeks pregnant.  I had 3 contractions in the middle of the night strong enough to wake me up, but I knew it would be several hours before I would meet my little guy in person so I got as much rest as I could.  Around 6 am, I woke Ashar up and stated, "Today is baby day."  He said back to me, "Cool.  I'll go take a shower."

I chose to labor at home for as long as possible.  Ashar's sister, Javeriah, was living with us at the time and she did a good job of keep the girls away from me (I'm pretty sure Javeriah was scared of me at the moment.)  I cleaned the house all day and made phone calls.  A few friends stopped by to drop off meals in preparation of upcoming babymoon days.  (I remember specifically Mischel Wright coming over around 1pm for a visit...she later learned that I gave birth just a few hours after that and she couldn't believe it.)  I was waiting for my contractions to come 5 minutes apart for an hour before going to the hospital.

They never did get regular, but when I was timing them, I realized that even though they were anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes apart, they were lasting anywhere from 1.5 to 2 minutes.  That is a long time!  So I decided to go to the hospital.

I arrived around 3pm.  My cervix was checked and I was 8 centimeters dilated.  Uh oh...the last time I was 8 centimeters dilated, I had a baby in my arms 15 minutes later.  I informed the nurses of this and they started rushing around the room in preparation.  It took longer than 15 minutes, but at 3:53 pm, I birthed my biggest baby at 8 pounds even. 

Happy birthday, Aydin!  I can't believe I've been your mom for 6 whole years now.  I love you so much!

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