February 7, 2011

Just Say No

Kieran, Aydin, and Asher have been terribly sick with a horrible cough.  They have varying degrees of severity and symptoms.  Two of them cough so hard they vomit, one of them has a high fever that a Motrin/Tylenol rotation can't touch, and today Kieran started coughing up blood.

We went to the doctor for a prescription stronger than what was in our own medicine cabinet and they got a big bottle of cough syrup with codeine to share.  Asher had an allergic reaction to codeine.
Thankfully, a dose of Benadryl cleared it right up and we avoided an emergency.  However, I've already made up a story to tell him when he's older: he can't ever use recreational drugs because they are all derived from the same plant that codeine is, and once, when he was very young, he was given codeine when he was sick.  The codeine made him worse and he almost died.  Now I'm off to create a Wikipedia page about it because if it's on the internet, it must be true.

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